Blaisdell, F. E. 1909. A monographic revision of the Coleoptera belonging to the Tenebrionidae tribe Eleodiini inhabiting the United States, Lower California, and adjacent Islands. Bulletin of the United States National Museum 63.

Taxa (in this database) described in this work:

Eleodes tibialis, Eleodes caseyi, Eleodes fuchsii, Eleodes neotomae, Eleodes hoppingii, Eleodes hornii, Eleodes schwarzii, Eleodes snowii, Eleodes blanchardi, Eleodes vandykei, Eleodes neomexicanus, Eleodes anthracinus, Eleodes dissimilis, Eleodes (Tricheleodes), Eleodimorpha, Eleodimorpha bolcan, Anthracina, Brunnipes, Neomexicana, Eleodes gracilis distans, Trogloderus costatus tuberculatus