Eleodes (Eleodes) rugosus Perbosc, 1839

Eleodes (Eleodes) rugosus : Perbosc, 1839 (original description)
Eleodes rugosus : Champion, G. C.: 77
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identifier(s) repository sex collecting event
Teneb_base 2237; ASUC 12143 ASUHIC USA: AZ, Maricopa Co.
Coon Bluff, Arizona
latitude: 33.545323, longitude: -111.648748
411.0 meters
C.A. Bleike
mx id:16211
Teneb_base 13019 USNM male Cueva de El Choveno, El Pachon
Reddell and associates
mx id:24155
Teneb_base 13020 AMNH male Jalapa
W. Schaus.
mx id:24156
Teneb_base 13021 AMNH female Jalapa
mx id:24157
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Synonyms (and unplaced invalid names)
Eleodes (Eleodes) caudatus Solier, 1848

Taxonomic History
Eleodes rugosus Champion 1884-1 Champion, G. C.. 77
Natural history notes