One of the most successful, in terms of biodiversity and distribution, but least studied groups of tenebrionids is the tribe Asidini. The asidine darkling beetles are a large tribe of flightless midsized (4.5mm-35mm) tenebrionids found in many arid and semi-arid regions around the world. Currently the tribe contains approximately 1000 described species in 46 genera divided into four geographically isolated monophyletic clades (Doyen 1993). The North American component of the tribe alone contains over three hundred species and subspecies in 27 genera and makes up approximately 20% of the total North American tenebrionid fauna (Aalbu et al. 2002).

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Asida Latreille, 1802
Cardigenius laticollis Solier, 1836
Craniotus LeConte, 1851
Craniotus LeConte, 1851
Craniotus blaisdelli Tanner , 1963
Craniotus pubescens LeConte, 1851
Heterasida bifurca (LeConte, 1861)
Heterasida connivens (LeConte, 1866)
Litasida Casey, 1912
Litasida townsendi Casey, 1912
Microschatia Solier, 1836
Microschatia cedrosensis Brown and Doyen, 1991
Microschatia costulata Brown and Doyen, 1991
Microschatia inaequalis LeConte, 1851
Microschatia morata Horn, 1878
Microschatia planata Doyen and Brown, 1991
Microschatia polita Horn, 1893
Microschatia punctata Solier, 1836
Microschatia robusta Horn, 1893
Microschatia rockefelleri Pallister, 1954
Microschatia solieri Brown and Doyen, 1991
Microschatia sulcipennis LeConte, 1858
               Pelecyphorus (Astrotus)
Pelecyphorus (Astrotus) LeConte, 1858
Pelecyphorus (Astrotus) LeConte, 1858
Pelecyphorus Champion, 1884
Pelecyphorus (Pactostoma) LeConte, 1858
                   Stenosides anastomosis
Pelecyphorus (Stenosides) anastomosis Say, 1824
Pelecyphorus (Stenosides) anastomosis Say, 1824
Pelecyphorus (Zamolxis) Champion, 1884
Philolithus Lacordaire, 1858
Philolithus (Gonasida) elata (LeConte, 1853)
Stenomorpha (Asidina) Casey, 1912
Stenomorpha (Asidina) rugicollis Triplehorn & Brown, 1971
Stenomorpha (Asidopsis) humeralis Triplehorn and Flores, 2002
Stenomorpha (Asidopsis) olsoni Triplehorn and Flores, 2002
Stenomorpha (Euschides) LeConte, 1851
Stenomorpha (Megasida) Casey, 1912
Stenomorpha (Megasida) foeda (Champion, 1892)
Stenomorpha (Megasida) rufipes (Champion, 1884)
Stenomorpha (Megasida) tarda (Champion, 1892)
                   Megasida tenuicollis
Stenomorpha (Megasida) tenuicollis Triplehorn, 1967
Stenomorpha (Pycnomorpha) Motschulsky, 1870
                   Stenomorpha (Stenomorpha) marginata
Stenomorpha (Stenomorpha) marginata (LeConte, 1851)
Stenomorpha (Stenomorpha) roosevelti Smith, Miller, and Wheeler, 2011
Stenomorpha subvittata (Horn, 1894)
                   Trichiasida hirsuta
Stenomorpha (Trichiasida) hirsuta LeConte, 1851
                   Trichiasida horrida
Stenomorpha (Trichiasida) impotens Casey, 1912
                   Trichiasida villosa
Stenomorpha (Trichiasida) villosa Champion, 1884