Tenebrionids are often the most conspicuous part of the invertebrate fauna in the world’s deserts. Indeed, any visitor to the western United States or Mexico is likely to have encountered specimens from the widespread genus Eleodes Eschscholtz, which are commonly known as stink beetles, circus beetles, or pinacate beetles (from the Nahuatl word, pinacatl meaning “black beetle”). One may expect that such large (specimens are general 10-55mm in length) commonly encountered beetles would be well known and easily identified. However, nearly 200 species of Eleodes are currently recognized as valid, with even more awaiting discovery, and many species can easily be confused with each other. This, along with a high degree of phenotypic plasticity, has led to a profusion of taxonomic names (~395) within the genus. The following taxonomic list, primarily assembled by Dr. Rolf Aalbu, contains all of the currently valid species names. The addition synonyms and taxon names histories is ongoing and should be completed soon.

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Eleodes Eschscholtz, 1829
Eleodes (Ardeleodes) Blaisdell, 1937
Eleodes (Blapylis) Horn, 1870
Eleodes (Blapylis) alticolus Blaisdell, 1925
Eleodes (Blapylis) bishopensis Somerby&Doyen, 1976
Eleodes (Blapylis) caseyi Blaisdell, 1909
Eleodes (Blapylis) clavicornis Eschscholtz, 1833
Eleodes (Blapylis) cooperi Somerby&Doyen, 1976
Eleodes (Blapylis) cordatus Eschscholtz, 1829
Eleodes (Blapylis) fuchsii Blaisdell, 1909
Eleodes (Blapylis) hoppingii Blaisdell, 1909
Eleodes (Blapylis) hornii Blaisdell, 1909
Eleodes (Blapylis) hybridus Blaisdell, 1917
Eleodes (Blapylis) kaweana Blaisdell, 1933
Eleodes (Blapylis) lariversi Somerby&Doyen, 1976
Eleodes (Blapylis) littoralis (Eschscholtz, 1831)
Eleodes (Blapylis) manni Blaisdell, 1917
Eleodes (Blapylis) nanus Blaisdell, 1909
Eleodes (Blapylis) neotomae Blaisdell, 1909
Eleodes (Blapylis) parvicollis Eschscholtz, 1829
Eleodes (Blapylis) pimelioides Mannerheim, 1843
Eleodes (Blapylis) productus Mannerheim, 1843
Eleodes (Blapylis) scabrosus Eschscholtz, 1833
Eleodes (Blapylis) schlingeri Somerby&Doyen, 1976
Eleodes (Blapylis) schwarzii Blaisdell, 1909
Eleodes (Blapylis) snowii Blaisdell, 1909
Eleodes (Blapylis) spilmani Somerby&Doyen, 1976
Eleodes (Blapylis) strumosus Blaisdell, 1931
Eleodes (Blapylis) subvestitus (Blaisdell, 1939)
Eleodes (Blapylis) triplehorni Somerby&Doyen, 1976
Eleodes (Blapylis) tritus Blaisdell, 1917
Eleodes (Caverneleodes) Triplehorn, 1975
Eleodes (Caverneleodes) grutus Aalbu, Smith, & Triplehorn, 2012
Eleodes (Caverneleodes) guadalupensis Aalbu, Smith, & Triplehorn, 2012
Eleodes (Caverneleodes) microps Aalbu, Smith, & Triplehorn, 2012
Eleodes (Caverneleodes) rugosifrons Triplehorn and Reddell, 1991
Eleodes (Caverneleodes) thomasi Aalbu, Smith, & Triplehorn, 2012
Eleodes (Caverneleodes) wheeleri Aalbu, Smith, and Triplehorn
Eleodes (Caverneleodes) wynnei Aalbu, Smith, & Triplehorn, 2012
Eleodes (Cratidus) LeConte, 1862
Eleodes (Cratidus) osculans (LeConte, 1851)
Eleodes (Cratidus) ursus (Horn, 1870)
Eleodes (Discogenia) LeConte, 1866
Eleodes (Discogenia) marginatus Eschscholtz, 1833
Eleodes (Eleodes) Eschscholtz, 1829
Eleodes (Eleodes) adumbratus Blaisdell, 1925
Eleodes (Eleodes) armatus LeConte, 1851
Eleodes (Eleodes) bidens Triplehorn, 2007
Eleodes (Eleodes) dentipes Eschscholtz, 1833
Eleodes (Eleodes) erraticus Champion, 1884
Eleodes (Eleodes) grandicollis Mannerheim, 1843
Eleodes (Eleodes) loretensis Blaisdell, 1923
Eleodes (Eleodes) mexicanus Blaisdell, 1943
Eleodes (Eleodes) mirabilis Triplehorn, 2007
Eleodes (Eleodes) moestus Blaisdell, 1921
Eleodes (Eleodes) muricatulus Triplehorn, 2007
Eleodes (Eleodes) nuptus LeConte, 1858
Eleodes (Eleodes) rossi "Blaisdell,", 1943
Eleodes (Eleodes) rugosus Perbosc, 1839
Eleodes (Eleodes) samalayucae Triplehorn, 2007
Eleodes (Eleodes) scyropterus Triplehorn, 2007
Eleodes (Eleodes) sponsus LeConte, 1858
Eleodes (Eleodes) tribulus (Thomas, 2005)
Eleodes (Eleodes) vanduzeei Blaisdell, 1923
Eleodes (Heteropromus) Blaisdell, 1909
Eleodes (Litheleodes) Blaisdell, 1909
Eleodes (Melaneleodes) Blaisdell, 1909
                   Eleodes carbonarius
Eleodes (Melaneleodes) carbonarius (Say, 1823)
Eleodes (Melaneleodes) carbonarius (Say, 1823)
Eleodes (Melaneleodes) carbonarius (Say, 1823)
Eleodes (Melaneleodes) carbonarius (Say, 1823)
Eleodes (Melaneleodes) halli Blaisdell, 1942
Eleodes (Metablapylis) Blaisdell, 1909
Eleodes (Metablapylis) aalbui Triplehorn, 2007
Eleodes (Promus) LeConte, 1862
Eleodes (Promus) amaurus Champion, 1892
Eleodes (Promus) angulatus Eschscholtz, 1829
Eleodes (Promus) brucei Triplehorn, 2007
Eleodes (Promus) calcaratus Champion, 1884
Eleodes (Promus) goryi Solier, 1848
Eleodes (Promus) hepburni Champion, 1892
Eleodes (Promus) hogei Champion, 1895
Eleodes (Promus) knullorum Triplehorn, 1971
Eleodes (Promus) montanus Champion, 1884
Eleodes (Promus) platypennis Triplehorn, 2007
Eleodes (Promus) scapularis Champion, 1884
Eleodes (Promus) solieri Champion, 1885
Eleodes (Promus) spiculiferus Triplehorn, 2007
Eleodes (Promus) tesselatus Champion, 1892
Eleodes (Promus) watrousi Triplehorn, 2007
Eleodes (Pseudoeleodes) Blaisdell, 1909
Eleodes (Steneleodes) Blaisdell, 1909
Eleodes (Steneleodes) gravidus Eschscholtz, 1829
Eleodes (Tricheleodes) Blaisdell, 1909
Eleodes (Undetermined) brevicollis Gemminger&Harold, 1870
Eleodes (Undetermined) sulcatus Eschscholtz, 1829