Wattius scabriculus (Champion, 1884)

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Taxonomic history
Calymmus scabriculus : Champion, 1884: 225 (original description) lectotype [sex unknown], deposited at BMNH, labels: "Ecuador (Buckley)", mx_id: 26882; holotype female, deposited at [unknown], labels: "Ecuador (Buckley)", Teneb_base 14706
Name: scabriculus
Author, year: Champion, 1884
ICZN Group: species
Current combination:Wattius scabriculus (Champion, 1884)
Original publication
Reference:Champion, G. C. 1884-1893. In: Godman and Salvin, eds., Biologia Centrali-Americana, Insecta, Coleoptera. Vol. 4, pt. 1 (Tenebrionidae, Cestelidae, Othniidae, Nilionidae, Monommidae): pp. 1-88 [1884]; pp. 89-136 [1885]; pp. 137-264 [1886]; pp. 265-353 [1887]; pp. 354-476 [1888]; pp. 477-524 [1892]; pp. 525-572 and 23 pl. [1893].
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Original combination
Genus: Calymmus
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